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Compare car hire prices between all major brands operating from each and every Greek airport and book your rental car today.Simply choose the airport you arrive at and learn more about airport rentals and how to arrange pick-up upon arrival.

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Renting a car from the airport in Greece
Renting a car from the airport as soon as you land in Greece offers many benefits. First of all you can avoid crowded public transportation and having to switch trains and busses to get to your destination.Taxi rides can be time efficient but tariffs from the airport can be overly expensive. Booking a car rental in advance can save you time and money, not to mention minimize the risk of Covid-19. Rental carsare cleaned and disinfected between rentals for your protection and allow you to start your trip stress free.

The primary benefits of renting a car in Greece are:

Comfort: Renting a car in Greece is a convenient way to comfortably explore new locations and reach them more quickly and easily.
Freedom: You can go anywhere in your rental car. Discover Greece’s hidden beauties as well as the more well know attractions.
Flexibility: Simply get in your car anytime you need to and drive anywhere you want without having to wait for the bus or train to arrive.
Low cost: You can hire a rental car for an extremely affordable price. Especially if you are splitting the bill and have many things to do and see, a rental car can be more economical than other means of transport.
Choose your car: The majority of rental companies will offer you a wide selection of vehicles (such as SUVs, minivans, economy or even luxury cars), to meet your needs, budget and standards.
Additional services: Most of the rental companies will offer you additional services (i.e. extra equipment, door to door delivery, transfers, extra coverage etc.) in order to make your car rental experience even better.
Greener: Hiring a vehicle can be better for the environment as many newer models have reduced CO2 emissions, and many rental companies now offer low emission cars to customers.
Absolutely. Unless you are fully acquainted with the routes you are planning to take, adding a GPS system to your rental is highly recommended. It allows you to start any road trip without having to worryabout getting to your destination or waste time driving around pointlessly. Whether you will be driving in a big city like Athens, exploring the mainland or covering a large island like Crete, a GPS system willput your mind at ease.
Greek-EcoCars cooperates only with trustworthy and law-abiding car rental providers that have implemented strict Covid-19 safety policies and protocols.Every rental car undergoes thorough cleaning and disinfection procedures before being handed over to the next client. Special emphasis is given to high-touch areas, such as the car keys,the steering wheel, levers, dashboards, and door knobs.
Generally, when renting a car in Greece, you will need to have a driver’s license for at least a year prior to your rental, but we advise checking the rental terms of the providerbefore booking as this period may vary depending on the car rental company as well as the type of vehicle you want to rent. A national driving license is accepted for EU nationalsincluding Norway, Iceland, UK, N.Ireland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, USA, Australia and Canada. All other nationals will also need a standard International driver's license in addition to theirnational license and a valid passport or ID.