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General Information about Limnos

Lemnos (also Limnos) is a big island between Lesvos and Thassos in the northeastern Aegean Sea. Because of its large distance from Athens, Lemnos has retained its beauty and is unaffected by mass tourism. With a population of around 4500 people, Myrina is the capital and main port of Lemnos. The town spreads across two gorgeous bays, with an enormous castle in the center situated on a huge volcanic rock formation. It is a beautiful island with amazing beaches, historic archaeological sites, churches, caves, castles, and other attractions. It is mountainous, with sandy bays lining its coastline. As Lemnos is full of ancient sites, sightseeing is one of the best things to do. Ancient Poliochni is an archaeological site on the east coast of Lemnos that represents one of the largest Early Bronze Age civilizations. Ifestia was the second most significant community on the island during ancient times and the center of religious activities, with an amphitheatre, cemetery, palace, and baths built by the Pelasgians. The Temple of Kavirio, built to honor the sons of Hephaestus, the Gods of the Sea and Fertility, is another significant site on Lemnos. Whether you come to the island for the landscapes, beaches, history, food, or wine, you will be astonished by this fascinating, gorgeous Greek island. Rent a car in Lemnos and explore the island.

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