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If you are looking to rent a car in Attica and are wondering how much your car rental will cost,we have listed all rental car categories available in Attica for you to choose from and help youbook your ideal holiday car. From practical economy cars, standard and large family cars,to durable SUVs, fun convertibles and spacious people carriers, drive around and explore Atticawith a rental vehicle that meets your needs and budget.

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General Information about Attica

The Attica Peninsula is known for Athens, Greece's capital and one of the world's most historic cities, as well as a modern metropolis. Because of its rich history and culture, Athens is an excellent tourist destination. On one hand, there is the Acropolis with its world-famous museum, the ancient bazaar, Plaka area and the historical center. High-end restaurants, roadside cafes, shops, quaint markets, galleries with contemporary exhibitions, and art and antique shops, on the other hand. The charm of Attica, though, stretches far beyond its center. The coastline to Cape Sounion is full of beaches, marinas, five-star resorts and small hotels, as well as dozens of restaurants and bars overlooking the sea. Attica, the land of ideas and art, created and shaped what we now call Western civilization. Today, visiting Attica offers visitors a Beaches, marinas, five-star resorts, small motels, and scores of restaurants and pubs overlook the water line the coast to Cape Sounion. Attica, the land of ideas and art, gave birth to and developed Western civilisation. Visiting Attica now provides guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. Rent a car in Attica and explore the region.

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