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The main driver as well as any additional drivers declared in the reservation, must have a full driving license of at least 1-2 years (depending on the car rental company).The driving license must be Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for non-EU countries).

Yes, every car rental company has its own age restrictions. Generally, all drivers aged 19-80 holding a driving license for more than 2 years can rent a car,but there may be an additional fee for young (up to 24 years old) and senior drivers (70+). This fee will be included in the total cost of the booking.

When picking up your car, you will need to provide your driver's license, your identity card (or in some cases your passport) and your booking voucher.To make sure you have all the required documents, click on "View Rental Conditions" of the vehicle to read the relative Terms and Conditions of the Provider.

Try to pick it up as close to the scheduled time as possible. If you arrive at the pick-up station earlier, you can pick up the vehicle as long as it is available.In case of delay, try to inform the car hire office as soon as possible. The contact details will be provided in the confirmation voucher we will send you.

If you have stated your flight number in the reservation, the car hire office can search for the flight and be informed of the delay.However, we advise contacting the car hire office as soon as you are made aware of the delay / cancellation.The contact details will be provided in the confirmation voucher we will send you.

Car inspection: Together with the representative of the car hire company, inspect the exterior and interior of the car.
Photograph any minor damages and ask for them to be recorded in your contract.
Fuel inspection: Check if the car is petrol or diesel. If you are not sure, ask your car hire representative.
Dial inspection: Turn the key in and check your fuel level, mileage and the lights of the vehicle.
GPS navigator: If you rent a GPS, set your language and route before you start. If you have any questions, the representative of the car hire company can help you.
Gas station: Leaving the car hire station, try to locate the nearest gas station so that you do not have to worry about where to refuel before dropping off the car.

Yes, this service is provided by all the companies we work with. In the search box on our main page, simply select the "Return vehicle to different location" box.In the next step we will show you the available cars and the extra cost for the delivery service to another location will be included in the final cost of the reservation.

If you have already picked up the car and want to return it to a location other than the one you originally stated, you must contact the car hire company.The contact details will be provided in the confirmation voucher we will send you.

If your want to return the car after hours, we will only provide results for the car hire companies that offer this service. Any additional costs arising from this servicewill be included in the final cost of your booking.

If you have already picked up the car and want to return it at another time than you originally stated, you should contact the rental station.The contact details will be provided in the confirmation voucher we will send you.

Civil Liability Insurance is mandatory for rental cars. The cost of the insurance is included in the cost of the rental. Civil Liability covers you in the case of injury of a third person ordamage caused with the rental car. It does not cover the rental car itself and usually there is a limit to the amount that can be covered by Civil Liability Insurance.

It may be the case (but not necessarily) for the rental price to include
CDW Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection:

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW- Collision Damage Waiver) gives the renter the possibility to reduce his financial liability (excess) for possible damages to the rental vehicle as a result of a collision.
    If the renter accepts this coverage, he/she will only be responsible for the amount of liability (excess) agreed upon in the rental contract, provided that the Highway Code has not been violated.
  • Theft Protection , allows the renter to reduce his financial liability in case of total theft of the rental vehicle.

The Rental Providers offer additional optional insurance packages such as:

  • Full Damage Waiver (FDW- Full Damage Waiver), by which the renter can minimize his financial responsibility in case of damage from little to none.
  • Personal Coverage, which covers the driver and passengers up to a certain amount, for body injuries or even loss of life as a result of a car accident.

Please note that the above insurances do not include damages caused to the undercarriage, tires and wheels, glass-parts, interior of the car as well as all damages that are not causedby a general accident, caused by misuse of the car e.g. driving on an unsuitable road, towing another vehicle, transporting explosives, participating in speed races, well as other cases such as loss of keys, damage to additional equipment (eg GPS, child seats, etc.), theft of personal items in the car, etc.

Read more about the insurance packages as well as the corresponding liability amounts (excess), click on "View Rental Conditions" of the vehicle to check the relative Terms and Conditions by the Provider.

The amount of liability (excess) is the amount that the renter will have to pay for the repair, if the body of the vehicle is damaged. The amount of liability (excess) is predefined in the rental contract.
For example:

  • If the renter did not agree on additional coverage, he/she is responsible for the costs for the repair as well as any costs that arise due to the related accident (eg towing the car, lost profits, etc.).
  • If the renter selected the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) at the time of booking, then he/she will be charged with an amount that will not exceed the agreed amount of liability (excess).
  • If the renter selected the Full Collision Damage Waiver, no amount will be charged for the damage caused, unless stated otherwise in the rental agreement.

Please note that the above insurances do not include damages caused to the undercarriage, tires and wheels, glass-parts, interior of the car as well as all damages that are not causedby a general accident, caused by misuse of the car e.g. driving on an unsuitable road, towing another vehicle, transporting explosives, participating in speed races, well as other cases such as loss of keys, damage to additional equipment (eg GPS, child seats, etc.), theft of personal items in the car, etc.

Read more about the insurance packages as well as the corresponding liability amounts (excess), click on "View Rental Conditions" of the vehicle to check the applied Terms and Conditions by the Provider.

In the event of a car accident, please call the emergency telephone number listed on the contract you signed when picking up the car and the employee in charge will provide you with instructions.

You must also call the police to report the car accident.

On the results page, you can see what is included in the basic rental price for each available vehicle. This will include the fuel policy.The most common policies are:

- full to full : pick up and deliver the car with a full tank or
- same to same: deliver the car at the same amount of fuel you received it.

On the results page, you can check what is included in the basic rental price for each available vehicle. ?his will include the mileage policy: unlimited or limited.

The most common policy is for unlimited mileage. However, in the event that there is a limit, you will see an indication of the maximum number of kilometersyou are allowed to cover under the column "the basic price includes".

After having selected a car from the results page, move on to the next step where you will see what additional services or equipment you can add and at what cost.

Depending on the car rental companyand the location, you can add extra drivers, extra insurance, child seats, GPS, WiFi, roof rack, snow chains, biological cleaning etc.

When adding equipment or extra insurance, you can check the individual priceand also see how it adjusts the total cost of your booking.

Some car rental companies offer the second driver for free, while others do not. In any case, we strongly recommend that you add an extra driver (if possible) to your booking.

Even if you are planning on drivingfor the entire duration of the rental, it is a good idea to have an extra driver who can share the responsibility in case of illness, minor injuries, etc.

The insurance contract is signed between the car rental companyand the stated drivers. It shall cease to apply in the event that the car is driven by an unauthorized driver.

The basic rental package usually includes liability insurance, collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft protection. After carefully reading what is and what isn't covered by the basic insurance package of your car rental,you can choose to add additional insurance such as Full Damage Waiver (FDW), Car Theft Insurance etc.

Optional insurance packages vary depending on the car rental company. Selecting additional insurance increasesthe cost of your booking, but significantly decreases the amount of your financial liability in the event of an accident.

Most car rental companies offer 3 categories of child seats:
Baby seat: 0-13 kilos (up to 15 months old approx.)
Child seat: 9-18 kilos (from 9 months to 4 years of age approx.)
Booster: 15-36 kilos (4 - 12 years of age approx.)

Most car rental companies can provide you with a GPS for orientation and reaching your destination quickly.

Some car rental companies provide WiFi access with connection for up to 5 devices.

Yes you can rent a roof rack to transport ski or windsurf equipment with comfort and safety, but this extra is available only for specific car rental companies, locations and car models.

Yes, in some locations you can rent snow chains to drive with safety when the weather conditions demand it.

After choosing a car and selecting the extra equipment or insurance you require, the final cost of the rental is calculated. In order to complete your booking, you have to pay part of this amount (deposit).

The down payment can be made either by debit or credit card. After the transaction is successfully completed, you will receive your booking confirmation via Email and can access your rental details through My Reservation.

The remaining rental cost is payable at the pick-up location.

Every car rental requires a credit card as a guarantee, even if you choose to pay the car rental with cash or debit card. To check which cards are accepted in every case, click on the "View Rental Conditions" of the vehicle to readthe relative Terms and Conditions by the Provider.

When picking up the car, you must:

  • pay the remaining rental cost, minus the down payment (deposit) you have paid at the time of booking, and
  • cover the liability amount (excess) according to the insurance package you purchased. This amount is either charged or blocked on the main's driver credit card.

If the credit card is not in the name of the main driver or does not have a sufficient balance, the representative of the car rental company may refuse to hand over the car.

The excess amount is charged / withheld on the main driver's credit card upon collection of the vehicle and refunded/released when the car is returned and inspected. Charging / withholding the amount is necessary to coverany fines for traffic violations, in cases where the vehicle is returned late or with less fuel than agreed, dirty or with material damage.

If the above does not occur, the amount is refunded / released immediately and appearsin your account after a few working days.

Of course. No changing fees apply.
You are only required to pay any occurring price difference..

If you have already collected the car and want to extend or shorten the rental period, contact the car hire company directly.

Please note that car hire companies do not offer a refund if you have collected the car and then decide to return it earlier.

Also, in the case you return the car later than agreed, you will be charged a delay fee.

You can upgrade to a more expensive vehicle type. If your rental has not started yet, contact us and inform us about the change you want to make, and we will help you with this procedure.

You can change the pick-up / drop-off times provided that the rental has not started yet. Please note that any change in the original booking may affect the final cost.

Yes you can change the details of the main driver as long as the rental period has not yet started.

The new main driver must meet the required criteria and an additional fee may occur if he/she is 26 years old or 69 years old.

Of course. Simply contact us to state the new flight number.

Our cancellation charges are as follows:

When paying for the entire rental at the time of booking, cancellations are free of charge up to 48h before your rental begins.
Within the last 48h hours before your rental, cancellation fees amount to max 3 days rental costs.

When paying a deposit at the time of booking (remaining rental costs are paid upon collection), you can cancel your bookingat any time with no further fees (the deposit is not refundable).

In the case that you do not pick up the car, you will not be charged the rest of the rental amount.The amount of the deposit is non-refundable.

Some rental companies permit the transport of a rental car from the mainland to an island or from one island to another, while others do not.To be sure if you are allowed to take a rental car on the ferry, click on the "View Rental Conditions" of the vehicle to read the relative Terms and Conditions ofthe Provider. Please note that most insurances do not cover the vehicle during the ferry trip.

Some rental companies allow you to take the rental car abroad, while others do not. To be sure if you can drive outside Greece with a car rental and what conditions are applied,click on "View Rental Conditions" of the vehicle to read the relative Terms and Conditions by the Provider.

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Upon finalization of the booking through the Website you agree and accept the terms of Greek-Ecocars. Each car rental contract is concluded at the local destination and is exclusivelybetween you and the car rental provider. Greek-Ecocars is not a party to this contract and your signing of any contract is a clear proof of your acceptance of theservices and conditions provided by the rental company / local partner / provider as well as current legislation.
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Each modified version of the terms posted will completely replace any previous version.

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•The users of the provided services must have reached the age of 18 and in case they act on behalf of third parties, to be competently authorized.

•To purchase one of the services provided through the Websites, the disclosure of certain personal data of the user is required. Each user accepts and authorizes Greek-Ecocars to collect, use and - if needed - forward to the Providers the information deemed necessary for the successful completion of the service, as stated on the terms " PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA – DATA CONFIDENTIALITY ".
•During the booking process - purchase of a service, the user must follow the process of inserting information as it is configured by the booking engine on the Websites..

•The inserted information by the user when booking must be true and complete.

•All services, insurance and any additional equipment desired by the user, even if offered free of charge, must be included in the reservation otherwise there may be additional charges upon pick up of the vehicle.

• In most cases, the minimum driving age is 21 years of age. Some car rental companies and in some countries may charge additional fees for drivers under 25 or over 65 years old. In cases where the correct driver age has been entered in the booking request, we will inform you of possible fees. Also, in some cases, the age limit may be higher.

•To complete a booking and purchase of a service, the user must pay part of the final cost of the selected service, as defined by the booking machine or the offer he will receive from a partner of Greek-Ecocars, unless otherwise specified

•Upon completion of the booking process, the user instructs Greek-Ecocars to mediate for the supply of the selected service by the Provider and to transfer to the user the final confirmation of the service purchased.

•Before making any purchase of a service, the user must be informed and accept the terms and conditions of Greek-Ecocars as well as the respective Provider operating the rental as well as any restrictions of the offers / discounts that are included, as they are set by the respective Provider and are announced respectively on the Websites of Greek-Ecocars.

•In case of a change in the rental that has been confimed(eg cancellation by the Provider), Greek-Ecocars will inform the renter first via email and secondly by phone as long asrelevant information has been received from the Provider in time and the correct contact details of the renter are available.

•Generally, bookings through Greek-Ecocars are confirmed immediately. Minimum exceptions may be made in the case of last-minute, on-demand, special vehicles, one-way andoptional equipment. In these cases Greek-Ecocars must submit a request to the Provider and receive a confirmation of availability before sending booking details to the renter.

•All prices are calculated on a 24-hour basis and the final price refers to the total rental period of the car. There may be differences in the daily price in charges thatwill occur locally, eg in case of early or late return of the vehicle, in which case the car rental company may charge higher daily rates.

•Greek-Ecocars may issue an invoice with VAT only for the amount of the deposit it receives.

•Very rarely, the car rental company cannot confirm the availability of a car. If this happens, we will let you know, we will release the payment and will refund it to your card.

•You will not have a contract until your booking is confirmed and we have received the payment. We will then send you all the correspondence on the e-mail address registered at the time of booking. For the avoidance of doubt, no part of these terms will provide on any third party any privilege or right under the Contracts Act (Third Party Rights) of 1999.
Greek-Ecocars bookings, offers and confirmations apply only to the vehicle category and not to a specific brand or model. Car rental companies have fleets with many differentbrands and models of similar size and specifications and maintain the right to provide similar or higher class cars to the renter than the one originally booked and paid for.
Fees, coverages and liability amounts vary by location, car rental company and car category. The customer must carefully read the terms of the rental agreement of the vehicle in detail.Insurance claims based on the rental agreement can only be made if damages caused are reported to and recorded by the police. It is a prerequisite that the car is used in accordance with the terms of the agreement/contract.All Greek-Ecocars prices include liability insurance and basic CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance. CDW insurance does not cover wheels, windows, mirrors, car frame, car interior, roof, engine, locks and loss of key.

Charges "after working hours", if any, are ALWAYS INCLUDED in our prices.
When signing the rental agreement, any deviation from the confirmed details on the confirmation document (voucher) may result in: additional charges, non pick up of the car due to closed station or consideration of the reservation as a "non show".
Such information may be a different car category, the addition or removal of any additional options at the rental office and the pick-up / drop-off times or dates. (The "after working hours" charge is included, if any, for the times mentioned on the voucher).
There is no refund in this case.

Delivery to a hotel can be made if the hotel is located "within city limits" - ie hotels located in the city center.
Hotel details must be provided during the booking process. In case the hotel is outside the city limits, the Provider may refuse the reservation or there may be an additional charge.All hotel deliveries are subject to request and will only be accepted upon confirmation.Note: Delivery to private addresses is usually not possible.

To complete your reservation through Greek-Ecocars, it is necessary to pay in advance by debit or credit card in the last step of the reservation.
The main amount of the rental is to be paid upon pick up of the vehicle to the local partner of the Provider.Note: For the picking up of the car, the renter must have in his possession a valid credit card based on the Rental Terms of each Provider(Providers do not accept cash, checks or debit card)
Prices on the internet are displayed in euros.

After the confirmation of the rental through Greek-Ecocars, the deposit is not refundable.

Prior to the pick up of the vehicle, any modification of the reservation is made by Greek-Ecocars.
No changing fee applies to modifications made prior to the pick-up date.
Upon pick up of the vehicle, any modification is made following consultation with the local partner who delivered the vehicle.
In case you have received the vehicle and you want to reduce the rental time, Greek-Ecocars will not refund part of the deposit,and it is solely up to the local car provider if they agree to reimburse you for part of the rent you paid on pick up.

They apply as described in the "Car Rental Terms and Conditions" section.
The detailed information listed in the above section is always updated and always in force according to the applicable Terms and Conditions of the "Providers" and are an integral part of these Terms of Use.

The user knows and accepts that any personal data that he declares, is provided to support and execute the Car Rental Service that he intends to purchase, as well as to secure the transaction.
Therefore he consents to the maintenance and process of a file with any personal data from the Company Greek-Ecocars according to the applicable law. The Company preserves the confidential character of the personal data and in no way discloses, sells, exchanges, grants, leases or in any other way shares or discloses to third parties (legal entity or natural person) the above information, except in cases where restrictively provided under current legislation.
The company, in order to provide quality services, can use the above data to manage the user's request by its employees during the performance of their duties and only under the conditions provided by the Company Security Policy and for the creation of aggregated statistics reports, provided that such reports do not contain identifiable personal data.
The User has the right to update, modify and delete his data kept on Secure Server in the Company, by sending a relevant message to the e-mail address: or on the phone +30 2810 529000.

Greek-Ecocars acts as an intermediary between the user-renter and the cooperating Providers, offering online information and car rental services. As an intermediary, Greek-Ecocars cannot be held responsible if the car rental company refuses to deliver the vehicle in the event of problems related to your contract. Greek-Ecocars assumes no obligation to reimburse or refund any cost incurred as a result of non-compliance with your commitments. The above is binding and applies to all contracts related to the provision of our services. No action by Greek-Ecocars will imply compliance with any other terms or conditions. In the event of any dispute arising between you and Greek-Ecocars, our liability to you, if any, is limited to the original amount paid to us.

•Greek-Ecocars cannot be held responsible for failure to fulfill its obligations which were expected in relation to a booking, in cases of unforeseeable events as a result of Force Majeure, which are beyond our control and/or cannot be prevented. In case of Force Majeure, the reservation becomes invalid.
•For confirmed booking, in case the local provider / car rental company is not able to fulfill its obligations in providing the vehicle due to insolvency, we will do our best to redirect your booking to another car rental company. During high season, this may not be possible. In case we do not have an alternative provider, you will be notified, the reservation will be canceled and the deposit will be refunded.
•No responsibility can be assumed by Greek-Ecocars for the accuracy and validity of any travel information or links provided on its website. Such information is used at your own risk.
•The excerpts of the terms obtained during the car rental process are given according to the details provided by the customer, therefore their accuracy depends entirely on the data provided by you.
•Greek-Ecocars reserves the right to modify the content of its website at any time without prior notice.
•No liability can be assumed by Greek-Ecocars if the terms and conditions of the rental provider, as presented in the search engine, differ from those at the time of pick up, or for the failure of the rental due to lack or incorrect documentation (document voucher, credit card, driver's license, etc. not presented locally).
•Greek-Ecocars assumes no responsibility for additional costs arising from the signing and acceptance of the documents.

•The communication, including the provision of information required under these terms, between Greek-Ecocars and the users of the Websites, is validly carried out, as a rule, by electronic means and specifically through the e-mail address that the user has notified to Greek-Ecocars for that reason.
•Each user must provide Greek-Ecocars with their true details, including a valid e-mail address of which they are the legal holder.
•Any user can contact Greek-Ecocars electronically by sending an email to the email address otherwise by phone to the numbers 0030 2810 529000 or through the number 801 300 30 33.
•Our website is designed to prevent problems, but we understand that difficulties arise from time to time.
For any concerns during the rental, contact the local provider / partner directly. (Their phone number will appear on your voucher).
For rentals that are completed, complaints can only be dealt via email. All relevant documents must be sent to:

It is pointed out that the disclosure of incorrect, inaccurate and / or false contact information may lead to failure and / or refusal to provide the selected service.

•Customer Service Department
  Monday - Friday 09: 00-20: 00
  Saturday 09: 00-17: 00
•Any request submitted after working hours, by any means (eg via e-mail or fax etc), the date of receipt is considered the next working day. The working hours listed are in Greek time (GMT +2).