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If you are looking to rent a car in Ioannina and are wondering how much your car rental will cost,we have listed all rental car categories available in Ioannina for you to choose from and help youbook your ideal holiday car. From practical economy cars, standard and large family cars,to durable SUVs, fun convertibles and spacious people carriers, drive around and explore Ioanninawith a rental vehicle that meets your needs and budget.

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General Information about Ioannina

Ioannina is the central city in Epirus, set at the shore of Pamvotida Lake. It’s a vivid city with great night life, interesting museums and history. The lake, with its still waters and its small island, is a natural landmark, around which the whole region lives and breathes. It's just a short boat ride to the island, however when there, you'll need to walk. Make sure you visit the Byzantine monasteries, which all have wonderful frescoes and take some time to learn about Ali Pasha, the Lion of Yannina. Also, make sure you visit Perama Cave and admire up close the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites that have been formed over the years. Ioannina is blessed with generous natural beauty and a rich history. Some other excursions include the ancient oracle of Dodoni, the picturesque city of Metsovo, the beautiful Zagorochoria and the Gorge of Vikos. Rent a car in Ioannina and explore the region.

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