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General Information about Chios

Chios is the country's fifth largest island, located in the Northern Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey. It isn't as touristy or well-known as the Cyclades. There are daily boats from Chios to Izmir, Turkey's cosmopolitan resort. Chios is a location of hidden gems around every corner, known for its medieval villages, diversified environment, beautiful beaches, and mastic production. In southern Chios, there are about 20 historic mastic villages, and wandering through them is a fascinating experience. The legendary mastic fields will surround you, full of the low bush with spread branches and a bent trunk that is Chios' trademark. Chios is known for one thing in particular, aside from its mastic production: its villages. Pyrgi and Olympia, for example, are known for their beautiful homes, which are decorated with geometric black and white designs with floral themes, giving them a sophisticated appearance. Chios' value is timeless, graced by the aromatic scents of mastic and the breathtaking diversity of its surroundings, as it hangs in a corner of the Aegean. Every corner of the island conceals an unexpected surprise. Rent a car in Chios and explore the island.

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