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Corfu is one of the Ionian most beautiful and romantic islands. It is the only Greek island that was never invaded by the Ottoman Turks and was in the Middle Ages under Venetian rule. The Venetians, the French, and the English all flourished and left their mark on the island. On magnificent mansions, aristocratic residences, exquisite museums, and picturesque squares, you will glimpse Corfu's colorful past. Walking along Liston Arcade and Spianada Square in the Old Town and gazing up at the Venetian forts and churches will make you feel like an aristocrat. You'll find lovely seaside villages, small verdant islets, exquisite Corfu resorts, and stunning natural landscapes outside of Corfu Town. It's incredible how the diverse aspects of this lovely island coexist as one! Rent a car in Corfu and explore the island.

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