Additional Products & Services


Additional Driver

If you require a second driver you will need to add an additional driver at the time of booking. All additional drivers must accept the same terms & conditions as the main driver.
You can add any additional driver so that they are also covered and can then share the driving of your hire car during your journey.


Snow Chains

Don’t let the snowy weather prevent you from making your journey.
In most cases you can continue driving by simply adding snow chains to the tyres.
Add this extra to your car rental during the online reservation process.


GPS Navigator

A GPS makes your journey hassle-free and offers you an easier way to find your destination. Save a considerable amount of time and find where you need to go straight away.Add the GPS device to your booking and enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed journey.



With Centauro Rent a Car you can choose the fuel option that better suits you.
2 Different refuelling options are offered for your car rental. You can either bring the car back full of fuel or return your hire car as you prefer.
Take into account that depending on the option you choose you may incur a charge for the refuelling service.


Child seats

Select a child seat for your child’s safety and comfort.
3 different child seats are available to cover the various age groups.