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Etoloakarnania is located in the western part of Central Greece with the capital city being Messolonghi for historical reasons, while the largest city is Agrinio. The tourist development in Aitoloakarnania is impressive. Visitors are attracted by the remarkable archaeological finds and monuments, the holy city of Messolonghi, the green Nafpaktos with its turbulent history and the picturesque Venetian castle, Amfilochia with its shining sea and its antiquities, as well as the beautiful, picturesque coastlines and the mountains covered with dense forests. Lagoons, rivers like the Acheloos and Evinos, mountains, gorges, and picturesque towns characterize this region. The sceneries are beautiful and ever-changing, the plains and valleys are perfectly balanced against the mountains, and the climate is mild. Rent a car in Etoloakarnania and explore the region.

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