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General Information about Epirus

The state of Epirus is geographically located on the northwest side of Greece, between the Pindus Mountains and the Ionian Sea, near the border with Albania. This area is mostly mountainous, and there are some beautiful beaches and seaside towns along the Ionian coast. Parga and Sivota are the most famous summer resorts in Epirus, Greece, attracting thousands of tourists with their beautiful beaches, green landscapes and interesting sights. But it's also very popular during the winter holidays. Epirus' most famous winter destinations are the city of Ioannina and the hilltop village of Zagoria. Natural landscapes include canyons and waterfalls, lakes and streams, and golden beaches with clear turquoise waters. This is one of the most unique areas of Greece for nature walks, extreme activities and short nature walks. Rent a car in Epirus and explore the region.

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